Childcare Providers

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Finding a place for your child while you work or go to school can be a difficult task. Whether you are a new parents, have recently move to a new area, or are looking for a new provider of care, we  want to provide a resource where you can find the available care in Kosciusko County. A safe and nurturing early learning environment is vital for healthy brain development. It allows children to get ready for school and parents to focus on their job or education.


When selecting an early learning program, here are some questions to ask:

  • What are the child-adult ratios? How many children are the adults caring for at one time?
  • What is the educational background of the teachers? Does she/he have experience and /or ongoing training in the field of early childhood?
  • Does there appear to be positive, nurturing relationships between the children and the adult?
  • If the program is center-based, is there a low turnover of early childhood professionals?
  • Are there good health and safety practices?
  • Is the program working towards a higher level of accreditation that minimum standards? 


* This page lists providers of care currently licensed or registered with the state of Indiana. 发射台 provides this list to enhance public access to the information. It is subject to change. The inclusion of any provider on this page should not be considered an endorsement of that provider. 发射台 hereby disclaims any and all responsibility or liability which may be asserted or claimed arising from or claim to have arisen from reliance upon the information on this page. 

Early Learning Programs